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Handling, Job Finishing and Installation Instructions:

  • Deliver door(s) to building site after plaster or cement is dry. If doors are stored at job site for than one week, all edges should be sealed.
  • Handel with clean gloves and do not drag doors across one another or across other surfaces.
  • Store doors flat on a level surface in a dry, well ventilated building. Cover to keep clean, but allow air circulation.
  • Doors should not be subjected to excessive water, abnormal heat, extreme dryness, humid condition or sudden changes therein. They should be conditioned to average prevailing relative humidity of the locality before hanging.
  • The utility or structural strength of the door must not be impaired in the fitting of the door, the application of hardware, or cutting and altering the door for lights, louvers, panels, or any other special details.
  • Solid core doors 6´ and above, require 3 hinges. All doors greater than 7´0½ require 4 hinges. Field trimming of doors will avoid the warranty.
  • Before finishing, remove handling marks or effects of exposure to moisture through, final sanding over all surfaces of the door using fine grit sandpaper. Clean before applying sealer or finish.
  • Always apply wooden border of 4mm and above on all edges to avoid moisture gain. Doors without border will not be covered under warranty.

General Provisions and Limitation Instructions:

If a defect occurs, Dormak, at its discretion and maximum, will furnish a replacement door, repair the door or refund the original purchase price.

Dormak Will Not Pay The Costs Of Labor Installation Or Finishing For Any Replacement Door.

The following exclusions apply:


  •  Any defects in the coatings or field finishes on the door & accessories
  • Doors larger than 3´ 0 ½ x 7´ or greater that warp
  • Doors over 7´ in height installed with fewer than 4 hinges
  • Bow or misalignment in the frame of the jamb as hung
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Improper use, installation, or lack of maintenance
  • Doors altered by other that contribute to door failure
  • Doors made with different materials on either side
  • Incompatibility of hardware with a particular door construction
  • Incidental or inconsequential damage
  • Failure to follow applicable handling, installation, care & maintenance instruction